Alex Ramsay, 'Wild' (a section)


15 innovative and expressive artworks that explore

the theme of Christ's 40 days in the desert.

March 2 – April 27,  10am - 5pm daily

Following the acclaim which last years 'Last Supper' exhibition received, The Friends of St Michael's Church have commissioned a new and thought provoking subject for Lent 2014. The Wilderness theme reflects on Christ's forty days in the desert, which have become the 40 days of Lent. The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford has written the forward to the Wilderness exhibition catalogue which can be read here.

The Friends of St Michael’s, guided as in previous years by artist Charles MacCarthy,  briefed 15 artists and each had their own biblical text to explore. There will be supporting events during the exhibition which will include talks and concerts, full information here.

The participating artists are: Carolyn Blake, Julienne Braham, Simon Dorrell, Nicky Hopwood, Lois Hopwood, Andrea McLean, Charles MacCarthy, Dan MacCarthy, Tania Mosse, Allison Neal, Roger Percival, Mandy Pritchard, Alex Ramsay, Susannah Royle and Bronte Woodruff.  

The catalogue of the exhibition can be purchased here.

Desert spirituality has been an important strand of Christianity from the earliest times. It has taken many forms both literal and metaphorical, from the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert to the temptations of Jesus and the lives of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. The desert is a place of withdrawal, isolation and self-examination, of testing and temptation. By visiting this place of nothingness we get a different perspective on ourselves and the world. The 15 titles are more a series of meditations on the "inner" life of Christ - how he was on his own, his thoughts, how he confronts his own fears and temptations, and including also his empathy with others who find themselves challenged by fear, loneliness, isolation and exclusion - Charles MacCarthy

The Way of the Wilderness exhibition will support the mental health charity Herefordshire Mind whose approach is based on recovery, well being, inclusion and the removal of stigma. 

Herefordshire Mind is keen to work closely with other organisations and local communities, especially when it enables positive social contact between those with and without mental health problems. This contact helps raise awareness of mental health issues, educates, and breaks down the barriers created by the stigma and lack of understanding that so often surrounds mental health issues.

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